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EMS Electronics Management System

Under the quality assurance system required for in-vehicle electrical components, we provide total support for all customer needs. We will be there for you from designing the process, to locating materials and final manufacturing in Japan, China, and Thailand.

Production Bases

Our established production bases are located in Japan, China, and Thailand. In order to continue to be the best partner to our customers, we will work together within Japan and overseas to meet the needs of our clients.

Production / Process Design

We benefit from the most advanced mounting technology such as BGA/CSP mounting on flexible boards (FPC) and rigid boards. By participating from the product development stage, in addition to having cultivated our original technology over many years, we will create highly effective equipment designs with zero defects.

Locating Materials

It is also possible to procure various materials locally from China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, and Singapore. We will arrange the most suitable materials according to your budget.

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IM Electronics Corporation

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IM Electronics Corporation

IM Electronics Corporation