Company Name IM Electronics Corporation
Representative President and CEO: Masataka Noguchi
Address 6-40 Yamashirocho, Tottori, Tottori
Capital 40,000,000 JPY
Established October 1970
Overseas Group CompaniesIM ELECTRONICS (ZHUHAI.) CO., LIMITED.
IM Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Related Companies Drop Inn Tottori
TEL (81)857-22-1511(Main)
FAX (81)857-37-1800

Quality / environmental management system certification

The IM Electronics Group has acquired IATF 16949 for automobiles at its head office factory, Iwami factory, China factory, and Thailand factory.

The head office, head office factory, Iwami factory, China factory, and Thailand factory have acquired ISO9001 for the operation of IM's original quality management system.








Basic Principle

IM Electronics Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of corporate social responsibility and global environmental conservation in the production activities related to manufacturing and assembling various electronic circuit units and electronic equipment parts, etc., and carries out environmental conservation activities in harmony with business development. We will promote and aim for corporate activities that are trusted by society.

Environmental Policy

  • 1.Accurately grasp the environmental impact of our business activities, consider reducing the environmental load and promote the prevention of pollution, mitigate climate change and application to climate change, protect biodiversity, the ecosystem, and the environment. We will continuously improve our management system.
  • 2.We will comply with environmental laws, regulations, ordinances, and agreed customers and other requirements.
  • 3.In our business activities, we will focus on the following items and work on environmental activities.
    1) Energy saving
    2) Resource saving
  • 4.Set environmental objectives and targets and review them regularly.
  • 5.We will provide environmental education to all employees in order to thoroughly inform them of their environmental policy and raise their awareness of environmental conservation.
  • 6.We will carry out environmental audits on a regular basis and strive to review, maintain and improve our environmental conservation activities.
  • 7.We will promote orders for environmentally friendly products and contribute to the environment through manufacturing.
  • 8.We will publish our environmental policy upon request.

April 1, 2017

IM Electronics Co., Ltd.

President and CEO Masatake Noguchi



Occupational health and safety management system


Our China factory has acquired ISO45001 certification.(2022.06.11)