We have various mounting technologies such as mounting on Printed Circuit Board(PCB),Flexible Circuit Board(FPC) , Mix circuit Board and Metak boards( Aluminum, Copper, Steal)

Printed circuit board assembly

We have introduced electronic board mounting equipment that makes full use of the latest surface mounting technology and high-level technology.

High-Density Mounting of Printed circuits Board

High-Density Packaging of Rigid Printed Circuits

Mounting 0402 Chip to FPC

Packaging a 0402 Chip to an FPC

Narrow-pitch Mounting of connector to FPC

Narrow-pitch packaging of connector to FPC

Mounting PIP Package

PIP packaging

BGA X-ray picture

BGA X-ray picture

Mounting BGA on FPC

Install BGA on FPC
Smallest Chip Size 0402
Smallest BGA and CSP pitch 0.4
Smallest lead pitch 0.3~0.35
Smallest proximity 0.15~0.2

Assembly Line

We are building JIT lines, cell production lines, and automation lines that enable traceability of inspection results in each process according to customer requirements.

Cell line
U-shaped JIT line
Automation line

By participating from the new product development stage, as well as having cultivated our original technology over many years, we will create highly effective equipment designs with zero defects.

Process Design
Process Design
Process Design