This Personal Information Protection Policy applies when using the website ( of IM Electronics Corporation (hereinafter the “Company”).In addition, the personal information gathered from this website shall be managed under this Personal Information Protection Policy.
The Company understands the following regarding the handling of personal information.

1) About the Collection and Use of Personal Information

The Company shall only collect personal information that is necessary for the purpose of providing service.In the event the personal information is used, such use shall not deviate from the purpose.
In addition, consent must be obtained in advance when collecting the necessary personal information.

2) About the Sharing and Disclosure of Personal Information

Aside from the following, if the Company does not have the consent of the person, the collected personal information of such person shall not be shared with a third party.
(1) When consigning work that is necessary to complete the initial purpose (at the time of collection).
(2) When by requested for disclosure under the laws and regulations.

3) About Modifying and Suspending the Use of Personal Information

Please notify us if the collected personal information requires modification and/or have its use suspended.We will handle accordingly upon confirmation of your identity.

4) About Security

The collected personal information is limited for use in-house at our Company, and only allowed to be accessed by the person in charge at the inquiry window and/or staff members who require the personal information to conduct their specific work.

5) Revising the Personal Information Protection Policy

The Company may revise a portion of the Personal Information Protection Policy.In such a case, it shall be notified on this website.

〈Last update: January 1, 2011〉

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