October 1970 Founded under the name Iwami Electronics Industry in Iwami town, Iwami district, Tottori prefecture
July 1976 Establishes Izumi Electronics Corporation in Bogaki, Tottori city
September 1978 Establishes IM Electronics Corporation as headquarters in Hamasaka, Tottori city
April 1980 Establishes Grace Electronics Corporation in Yazu district, Tottori city
June 1984 Establishes IM Electronics Corporation as headquarters factory in Hamasaka, Tottori city
April 1990 Estabilishes IM Engineering Corporation by separating the production engineering department
May 1995 Danmao Corporation in Shenzhen city China begins the contract production of finished motor products
March 1999 Japan factory obtains ISO9002 certification
September 2000 Establishes IM ELECTRONICS(ZHUHAI.)CO., LIMITED. in Zhuhai city, Guangdong, China
April 2003 Japan factory obtains ISO9001 (2000 ver.) certification
July 2004 China factory obtains ISO9001 certification
August 2004 Merged the business of the group companies in Japan into IM Electronics Corporation
April 2005 Headquarters and headquarter factory obtains ISO14001 (2004 ver.) certification
May 2005 Transfers and constructs new China factory in Baijiao Science & Technology Industrial Park, Dou Men Town, Zhuhai city, Guangdong, China
November 2006 Merges the Izumi-Grace factory into the Wakabadai Factory and begin operation
March 2007 China factory obtains ISO14001 certification
May 2007 Headquarter factory and Iwami factory obtains ISO/TS16949 certification
July 2008 China factory obtains ISO/TS16949 certification
March 2011 Establishes IM Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Ayutthaya, Thailand
October 2012 Relocated Thailand factory to Samutprakarn, Thailand
August 2013 Thailand factory obtains ISO9001 certification
February 2014 Thailand factory obtains TS16949 certification
April 2016 Iwami factory increases floor space, renovation
April 2018 Japan factory obtains IATF16949 certification
May 2018 Thailand factory obtains IATF16949 certification
July 2018 New factory in Thailand begins operation
August 2018 China factory obtains IATF16949 certification
August 2020 Thailand factory obtains ISO14000 certification